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Between now and the end of the year, the very new Library of Landmarks, :: L [o] L :: is accepting donations; donors will have their name placed on a Patron Plaque. Located in Wyrd on the continent of Satori, the library has been a dream of Saul Goodie’s for a while and just recently seemed to spring up in a brief amount of time.

Of course, donations will always be appreciated after that; the Patron Plaque deadline is the end of the year.


From the information notecard:

“Thank you for visiting the Library of Landmarks, a public project created and curated by Saul Goodie. The mission of this library is to collect, organize and feature quality locations from across the Second Life grid.

Please enjoy the selection of Landmarks; each category has 4 featured landmarks with quick links – simply use the map to teleport! Click the FOLDER…

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The last few weeks, my project the HYPERLOUNGE has managed to get a good deal of attention! I am both humbled and amazed to find my location featured in the Destination Guide (Editors Picks inworld, Chat Hot Spots in browser)! Here is a small feature I found from Zarrakan Productions featuring a brief exploration of the place…